About Ground Control

Ground Control represents a collective effort to innovate in the field of aircraft tracking analysis, social media tracking accounts, and TheAirTraffic. The organization is committed to spearheading advancements in flight tracking software, with a robust pipeline of projects aimed at expanding and enhancing its offerings. Our user-friendly interfaces and advanced features are designed to bring the world of flight tracking to your fingertips. As we continue to expand our offerings, our focus remains on enhancing the accessibility and enjoyment of flight tracking for all.

Meet the Team

Jack Sweeney


Student at UCF

Large interest in Aviation and Software.

Let's get in touch :)

X/Twitter @Jxck_Sweeney LinkedIn


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Dogitech Discord, Public Video Cameras, Plane Bots, Police Bots, and anything with public data or records.

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Airframes is an aircraft-related aggregation service that receives ACARS, VDL, HFDL, and SATCOM data from volunteers around the world.